3 Ways to Win with Google+ Local

by Patti on June 25, 2012

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Goodbye Google Places, nice knowing you.

If you haven’t created a Google+ page for your Boston business yet, Google strongly encourages you to do so. If you want to wait, Google, according to a recent blog post, may allow you to link your Google Places page to Google+, however, there is no indication of when that feature will roll out.

What’s so great about Google+ Local?

According to Google, Google+ Local is “a simple way to discover and share local information featuring Zagat scores and recommendations from people you trust in Google+.”

From the Google+ Local tab, located on the left side of your Google+ page, you can search for local businesses or browse local listings in your area. You’ll also see a Zagat score and reviews associated with each listing. The Zagat score is based on a 30-point scale, which is the averaged of each individual score.

How can your business benefit from Google+ Local?

  1. Google+ Local listings appear in Google Maps and Google search results for added SEO exposure.
  2. Reviews, opinions and comments on Google+ Local will be featured in search results for all Google+ users and their Circle connections. If you’re looking for Chinese food in Boston, you’re more apt to go to the restaurant with positive reviews.
  3. Since Google+ Local is integrated with Google+ pages, your business can take advantage all the great features of Google+ like hangouts, images, and video.

How do you think Google+ Local will affect your business? Leave your comments below.



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